Connections – Source Audio Toolblox Programmable EQ User Manual

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Connections | 3


1. Power

To power the unit, connect the included 9V battery or connect a Source

Audio 9V power supply to the 9V DC jack.

Note: Use of a non-Source Audio power supply may damage the unit and
void the warranty.

2. Guitar/Audio Connections

The unit has ¼-inch mono input and output jacks for use with guitar, bass,

and other instruments.
Note: The unit will not power up until a ¼-inch plug is inserted into the
input. Don’t forget to unplug the cable from the input when the unit is not
in use—otherwise the battery will continue to drain.

3. MiDi input

The Programmable EQ also features a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital

Interface) input which allows certain functions of the pedal to be accessed
remotely. See the MIDI implementation table (page 6) for more details.