Source Audio Toolblox Programmable EQ User Manual

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SAvE Button:

Once a preset has been selected, it can be edited. When any

of the controls are changed from their saved value, the preset LEDs will
begin to blink to indicating that the preset has been edited. To save the
new settings, press and hold the SAVE button for two seconds. The preset

LED will blink 3 times quickly when the saving process is complete.


This small knob adjust the final output volume after the equal-

izer, it can be use to compensate the overall volume for any loss or gain
in the equalizer. The OUTPUT knob setting will be saved along with the
equalizer curve per preset. The OUTPUT knob is also illuminated by a
blue LED which will increase in brightness as the knob is turned up. This
way, the brightness of the OUTPUT knob will give some indication of the
output volume setting when scrolling through presets

ON/OFF Footswitch:

Pressing and releasing the footswitch engages

or bypasses the unit. When engaged the ON/OFF LED will be lit. When
engaged the audio input will be routed through equalizer and the output
volume knob. When bypassed, the audio is routed through a hardwired
relay connection directly to the output. This is sometimes referred to as

“hardwire” or “true bypass.” There are no buffers or components between

the input and output in bypass.

The footswitch can also duplicate the function of the SELECT button.

Pressing and holding the footswitch will make the unit begin to scroll
through the four presets in the same manner as pressing the SELECT
button. Releasing the footswitch will stop the scrolling on the last se-
lected preset.

Note: If the unit is currently bypassed (OFF) the footswitch scroll function
will engage when the switch is released. If the scroll function is used
while the pedal is engaged, the unit will audibly step through the four
presets and remain engaged when the switch is released.