Instructions for ordering – SINGER 114-27 User Manual

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In ordering from this list, use ONLY the part NUMBER

in the FIRST column.

The number stamped on a Sewing Machine part is in every

case the number of the single part only.

Every combination of parts sent out as such has its specific

number, wliich, although not stamped on the parts, must be
used when ordering the combination.

Each number always indicates the S.\ME PART in whatever

list it appears, or for whatever machine.

The letters after some of the numbers indicate the style of

finish only, as follows;

A—Hardened, Polished, Nickel Plated and Buffed
B—Polished, Nickel Plated and Buffed

C—Hardened Only

D—Polished Only

li—Soft, Not Polished

F—Hardened and Polished


,1—Nickel Plated Only

K—Hardened and Nickel Plated

L—Brass Plated



T—Copper Plated

T. A.—Hardened, Polished, Copper and Nickel Plated

and BuPfed-

T R___ KTU.Pul Rioted e.ed Peh'shed.

i’, J.— v>OppCr uiiu


T. K.—Hardened, Copiier and Nickel Plated.

T. M.—Copper Plateil and O.xidized.

T. L.—Copper and Brass Plated.

U—Zinc Plated

V—Silver Plated

W—Polished and Nickel Plated

Z—Chromium Plated

These letters MUST BE USED when they appear in the list;

and AFTER the number as in the list.

In this series:

1 to 1500 and 50001 to 51500 are Screw Numbers.

1501 to 1800 and 51501 to 51800 are Nut Numbers.

1801 to 2000 and 51801 to 52000 are Roller Numbers.

2001 to 50000 and 52001 and upward are numbers of

Machine Parts.

The figures in the second column refer only to the plates,

illustrating the parts, and are NOT TO BE USED in ordering.

Parts marked with an asterisk (*) are furnished only when

repairs are made at factory.