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HIGH SPEED MACHINE 143G2 has an aluminium alloy vibrating

needle bar frame and a rotary hook, and Is Intended for over-
seaming and zigzag stitching on fine lingerie, general fabrics
and light weight leather. It has ball bearings on the rear end
of the arm shaft and hook driving shaft. The needle has a maxi­

mum throw of 3/16 inch, vibrating both sides of a centre line.

The speed of this machine Is especially valuable In zigzag

work and long overseamlng In fine fabrics such as women's under­
wear, slips, also reducing corsets, dresses, etc. It Is success­

fully used In general tailoring work and the manufacture of

articles such as trousers, coats, gloves, and for certain opera­
tions In the manufacture of shoes, such as attaching side and top

facings to the linings and butting canvas or felt toe pieces to
the end of the vamp.

In the manufacture of table covers, draperies, scarfs, etc.,

an ornamental effect can be produced by overseamlng a cord with
thread of a contrasting colour. The raw edges of fabric may be
overseamed by taking one stitch In the fabric and the other over
the edge.

MACHINE 143G3 Is similar to Machine 143G2 except that the

needle has a maximum throw of 5/16 Inch. It Is designed for
basting and tacking coat pads.


The maximum speed recommended for either machine Is 3000

stitches per minute, the speeds depending on the material being

sevn. The machines should be run slower than the maximum speed

at first until the parts which are In moving contact have become
glazed by their action on each other. When the machine Is In

operation, the machine pulley should turn over toward the oper­


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