Needle, Thread – SINGER 132B26 User Manual

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Fig. n


The machine is set up to use Needle Cat. No. 4950 in si/e ranging lioni 18

to 29.

The thickness of tlie sewing thread, which must pass freely through the needle

eye, determines the size of the needle.

To insert the needle, turn the machine pulley toward you,


the needle

bar rise to its highest point, loosen the needle set screw (2) and put the needle

up into the needle bar as far as it will go, with the long groove of the needle,

or toward you. Then, tighten the needle set screw securely.

Fig. 13

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Otdy left twist thread is to he used for

the needle, to test for twist, hold a length

of thread between thumbs and iiulex
fingers of your hands. Turn the thread
If it will twist tighter, it has a left .'twist.

If it unravels, it has a right twist.

The bobbin can be wound with either left or right twist thread.


(Figs. 2 and 15)

The bobbin winder is mounted on the table top with its pulley (5, Fig. 2)

in front of the driving belt so that the pulley will separate from the belt after
the bobbin has been wound with sufficient thread, push the bobbin on the
bobbin spindle (3 Fig. 15) as far as it will go.

Pass the thread from the thread stand downward through the eye (1, Fig. 1,5)

in the tension bracket.

Then, between and around the hack of the tension discs (2 Fig. 1,5) bring

the thread forward toward the bobbin and wind from below in clockwise direc­
tion several times around the bobbin. Push bobbin winder lever (4, Fig. 15)

downward until the wheel (5) contacts the drive belt and start the machine.

After the bobbin is filled with thread, release will cause the wheel to disen­



the belt and winding will stop. Cut the thread and remove the

bobbin from the winder spindle.

The adjusting screw (A, Fig. 15) can be turned in or out to increase or

decrease the amount of the thread wound on the bobbin.

If the thread does not wind evenly on bobbins, loosen the screw (B, l ig 1.5)

and move the bracket to the right or left as may be required and tighten the screw.

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