Hemming – SINGER W1630 User Manual

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1. Raise the foot and the needle to its highest position. Replace the foot with the

hemmer foot.


Fold over the fabric edge by about 3mm and place it under the foot. Secure the

folded edge with a few stitches. Take out the workpiece and draw the hem

into the hemmer foot by pulling the threads.

3. Lower the foot and sew the hem.


Durning sewing, fold the fabric to the left a little and allow it to run into the

hemmer foot.


Make sure that the fabric does not move under the right half of the foot. The

fabric must be fed into the scroll of the hemmer sufficiently so that the work­

piece edge runs freely through the groove under the foot.

Only suitable materials can be used and some practice may be.necessary to acheive

best results.

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