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Generac IM-72LP Industria! Mobile Generator

2. If you have not started the engine in more that two weeks,

press the Fuel Pump Primer switch and hold it for about 30

seconds to activate the automatic shut-off function. How­

ever, if the engine is warm, skip step 2.

3. To crank and start the engine, hold the start/stop switch at

START. Release the switch when the engine starts.

CAUTION: If the engine does not start after it has

been cranking for 15 seconds, release the

start/stop switch and try again. Holding the switch

for longer than 15 seconds can damage the starter


4. Let the engine run at no-load for a few minutes to stabilize

and warm up the engine.

5. Turn ON electrical loads, using whatever means provided

(such as a main circuit breaker or transfer switch).


1. Turn OFF all electrical loads, using whatever means pro­

vided (such a main circuit breaker or transfer switch).

2. Place start/stop switch in its STOP position.


The first 25 hours of operation is the break-in period for the

generator. Properly breaking in the generator is essential to

reducing oil consumption and enhancing engine performance.

During the break-in period, observe the following rules:

• For the first 25 hours, run the generator at varying electri­

cal loads, to help set the engine piston rings properly.

• Following the initial 25 hour break-in period, avoid light elec­

trical loads for the next 75 hours of operation. The unit should

be loaded at 50% (or more) of its capacity during those 75

hours. Repeated light loads during break-in period may

improperly seat the piston rings, resulting in blowby and high

oil consumption.

• Check oil level frequently during the break-in period. Add

oil if needed. It is natural for the generator engine to con­

sume more oil than is normal until the piston rings have

seated properly.

• When the 25 hour break-in period is done, complete the

tasks recommended under 25 HOUR CHECK-UP PERIOD.


After the first 25 hours of operation have been completed, con­

tact an Authorized Service Facility for the following

maintenance. The Owner/Operator is responsible for any


• Change engine crankcase oil and oil filter.

• Check all cooling system ventilation openings on the vehi­


• Check engine ignition system.

• Inspect the entire electrical system.

• Inspect the engine exhaust system.



if the generator has been submerged in water, it must NOT

be started or operated. Following any submersion in water,

have an authorized Generac Service Facility thoroughly clean

and dry the generator.


Keep the generator set as clean and dry as possible. Protect

unit against excessive dust, dirt, corrosive vapors, road splash,

etc. Permitting dirt and moisture to accumulate on generator

windings will have an adverse effect on the insulation resis­

tance of those windings.

When moisture is allowed to remain in contact with windings,

some of the moisture will be retained in voids and cracks in

the insulation. This causes a reduced insulation resistance and

will eventually cause problems. Dirt will make the problem

worse, since dirt tends to hold moisture in contact with wind­

ings. Salt (as from sea air) will also worsen the problem since

it tends to absorb moisture from the air. Salt and moisture, when

combined, form a good electrical conductor.



The engine is equipped with a normally-closed (N.C.) oil pres­

sure switch (Figure 5). Engine oil pressure holds the switch

open during cranking and operation. Should oil pressure drop

below about 8-10 psi, the switch contacts close and the engine

automatically shuts down.

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