Troubleshooting, Explanation of displays, Pilothwy – Escort 9500ix User Manual

Page 16: Reset, Power, Problem, Solution

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Explanation of Displays

No display

PASSPORT is in Dark mode. Press the BRT button to change the brightness.

(page 10)


One of the many Preferences. (pages 14-18)


, or



PASSPORT has been set to ExpertMeter Mode in Preferences. (page 12-13)





PASSPORT needs to cycle power. Unplug it from power socket and restart.




PASSPORT beeps briefly at the
same location every day, but no
radar source is in sight.

PASSPORT does not seem sensitive
to radar or laser.

PASSPORT did not alert when a
police car was in view.

PASSPORT’s display is not working.

PASSPORT’s audible alerts are less
loud after the first few alerts.

PASSPORT bounces or sags on

PASSPORT’s power-on sequence
reoccurs while you are driving.

Your 14-year old son has changed

all 9 of the Preferences options.

PASSPORT feels very warm.


• An X-band motion sensor or intrusion alarm is located
within range of your route. Use the TrueLock feature to
filter this signal out.

• Make sure that windshield wipers do not block
PASSPORT’s radar antenna and that the laser lens is not
behind tinted areas.
• Determine if your vehicle has an Instaclear®,
ElectriClear® or solar reflective windshield which may
deflect radar or laser signals.
• PASSPORT may be in City Mode.

• VASCAR (Visual Average Speed Computer and Recorder),
a stopwatch method of speed detection, may be in use.
• Officer may not have radar or laser unit turned on.

• Press the BRT button to deactivate Dark Mode.

• PASSPORT is in AutoMute Mode. See page 9 for details.

• PASSPORT is not making contact with the windshield to
provide stability. While holding down PASSPORT’s
EasyMount button, slide PASSPORT further back toward the
windshield so that the back top edge makes firm contact.

• A loose power connection or dirty lighter socket can
cause PASSPORT to be briefly disconnected.

• You can return all of the user Preferences to the factory
defaults settings by holding down the “SEN” and “BRT”
buttons while you turn PASSPORT on.

• It is normal for PASSPORT to feel warm.


PASSPORT will not turn on.

GPS indicator will not stop flashing.

TrueLock lock filter does not seem

to be working.

At first detect, numbers come up on

the display.


• Check that vehicle ignition is ON.
• Check that vehicle lighter socket is functional.
• Try PASSPORT in another vehicle.

• PASSPORT does not have a clear view of the sky.
Reposition it or try it in another vehicle.

• Check to make sure the GPS button is on.

• SpeedAlert feature is on. You can turn it
off in Preferences.