NewAir Air Cooler AF-330 User Manual

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Pleose read all these Instructions carefully before using this

I Closely supervise any chBdren and pets when the unit Is In use.
B Only use the appliance for domestic purposes and as indicated In

these instructions.

B From time to time, check the cord (or damage. Never use the app­

liance If the cord or the appliance showany signs of damage.

> Do not place the appliance directly In front of a heater or In direct

sunRght as this could damage the appliance.

I Do not use the appfiance outdoors.


Use correct power voltage. Be careful not to leave the catrfe loose

on floor where someone could trip and hurt themselves.


Unplug the appliance before cleaning or replacement of any pieces.


Keep Insecticide spray and paint spray cr any Inflammable products

awa/ from the unit to protect the plastic casing and avoid fire.


Do not Introduce objects Inside the appliance.


Never use accessories that are not recommended cr supplied by the

manufacturer, tt could constitute a danger to the user and damage
the appliance.


All Interventions made by a non-quallfled person can be dangerous:

In this case, guarantee conditions Nwuld cancel. As with all electrical

products, a competent electrician must make any repaks.


Do not place the machine on soft or uneven ground In order to

prevent It from leaking or making noise.


The rear of the unit can be placed close to the wal. but leave at least

a 50cm gap.


Do not place the apliance on Its side, back or front whilst in storage

or transport. If the unit has been transported to you. leave starvdlng

up-right for 2 hrs before startlr>g the unit.

The AAanufacturer wilt not assume any resportsibility in the case of

non-adherence to these recommendation.



Control panel

2. Handle (both sides)

3. Lld (opening for water or Ice)

4. Water level Indicator

5. Castors (x 4 )

6. Front louvers

7. Rear Screen (removable)

6. Drain plug

9. Rear Panel (removable via 2 service screws)


Remote control