NewAir Air Cooler AF-330 User Manual

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Ensure the air filters are not blocked In any way as this will Impair
the efficiency of the machine. Pushing the unit up against a waB
or operating It In very close proximity to long windowdrapes wfll
impair the air flow and efficiency.

Rear air filter

This Is easily accessible by removing the rear screen and removing
the filter. In a smoky or dusty environment this filter becomes grey In
colour after one or two months.
Disconnect the machine from the mains supply. Gently wash the
filter In mild soapy water, dry and replace. Be sure to refit the rear
screen securely. No speclat tools are required for this.

Water tank

If the unit is in regular service It Is not necessary to clean the water
tank regularly. However, in hard water areas, deposits will build up
ar>d it is recommended that cleanir>g w/ith mild soapy water once
every six months should be sufficient.


Disconnect the appliance from the mains suppty.


Remove the whole of the rear panel byccrefufy removing the

service screws. Do not remove the the rear frame completely as
the mains lead Is still connected internally via a quick fit conr>ecfor.

S.When the connecter can be seen ar>d reached, disconnect and

remove the panel completely.


Renr>ove any deposits or dirt from within the tank with a mid soapy

detergent and cloth.

5. Rush with clean water and drain vka the drain plug.
6. Reverse the procedure and make sure the rear panel Is correctly

fitted before replacing and tightening the service screws.

Internal Humidity Screen

1. Use exactly the same procedure as forcieanlng the water tank.

2. With the rear panel separated, carefully remove the humidity

screen from Its rollers.

S.Soak the screen in worm mild soapy wafer until clean.

Replace back on the rollers.


Reverse theremoval procedure. Is recommended to repeat this procedure every 6-12 months.

Outside Cabinet

To clean the outside of the cabinet, use warm mild soapy water
ar>d cloth. Do not use abrasive products.


The control panel must not be in contact with water or any other


Cooling 85W

Water tank copacity

13 L.

Ice tank capacity

4 L

Net weight

8.2 kg/I81B

Selection speed


Electronic / Manual control


Water consumption

0.45 l./h.

Ice consumption

700 l/h.

Cooing Capacity

Up to 200 sq. ft.