Preparation and on/off function – NewAir Air Cooler AF-330 User Manual

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This air ioniser and cooler is equipped with an eight-hour timer.
This enables you to preset the machine to switch otf automatically at

a chosen number of hours ahead (1.2. 4 or 8 hours). To operate
simply select the number of hours ahead at \Milch you wish the
machine to switch off. If you wish the machine to run continuously,
ensure the timer control is In the "OFF' position.


This button switches the unit on and also controls the speed. The air

foniser and cocker has three air speeds. You can regulate the aHlow
output speed by simply selecting the speed flow (LOW. MEDIUM or

HIGH) fo suit your requirements.


This control gives you the choice of having either a fixed or continuously

sweeping air flow. For a continuous sweeping air flow switch the
oscillation control to the "ON" position. If you require the air flow to be
delivered in a fixed direction, switch the oscillator control "OFF' when
the oscillator louvrers ore In the required direction.COOL


This function helps to remove latent heat from the atmosphere. ION

This control allows you to introduce negtive ions to the air.


Effective range: up to 6 meters.
Do not forget to Insert batteries In the remote control.


1. RerTKDve the unit from Its packaging.

2. If the humidify function is required, lift up the top cover of the

machine and fill where indicated. Do not put woter Into the

compartment marked 'ICE ONLY'. Only fill with cold clean water

indicated "WATER ONLY'.

Fill according to level Indicator on the front of the machine.

1. Always use clean tap water ar>d do not allow the same \M3ter to stay

In the machine for extended periods of time. It Is recommended that

any water left in the machine for 3 or more days should be drained
away via the drain plug on the base of the unit.

2. Switch on at the mains and press the "SPEED/ON' control which starts

the appliance.

If the unit Is required to be on continuously, this Is automatic and the timer

control does not need to be used. The timer control Is only used to

pre-set specific operating times required.

3. Operate the "COOLER" ar>d "OSCILLATION' functions as required.

4. To switch off at any time, press the "OFF' button.

1. In cooler fur>ctlon. for a maximum efficiency, ensure the room Is well


2. Do not overflH with water (check vwater level ot front).

3. Only fill halfway with water if using ice in conjunction with water.

4. Make sure drain prfug is tight before filling. When draining out water

please ensure the drain plug Is refitted correctly and tlghtty-

5. Only use cold clean water



Only fill with WAOter via the water compartment where Indicated and

Ice in the ice compartment where indicated.

7. If the mains lead becomes damaged, pleose contact your supplier.