Watch tv, Access services and programs, Record one program while watching another – Cisco Explorer 8300 User Manual

Page 12: Watch two programs at the same time, Avoid screen burn-in

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Watch TV

Access Services and Programs

Access cable services and programs by pressing the following keys on the remote
Guide–Access the on-screen guide. The on-screen guide displays schedules of

TV programs and other services available from your service provider, such as
video-on-demand and pay-per-view programs.

Arrows–Select a program in the schedule.

Info–Display a specifi c program description (either from the on-screen guide or

while viewing a program).

Select–View a specifi c program in the guide.

Record One Program While Watching

When two of your favorite programs are
scheduled at the same time, you can record
one program on the built-in DVR while watching
the other. Use the DVR keys on the remote
control to record programs or to play back
recorded programs.

Watch Two Programs at the Same Time

You do not need a special TV to watch two
programs at the same time. Use the picture-in-
picture (PIP) keys on the remote control, and
you will see a PIP screen on your TV.

Avoid Screen Burn-In

Images such as letterbox bars or side bars,
bright closed-captioning backgrounds, station
logos, or any other stationary images may
cause the picture tube in your TV to age
unevenly; this is known as screen burn-in.
Refer to the user guide that came with your TV
for more information.




Avoid screen burn-in.
Do not display the same fi xed images on your TV screen for extended periods
of time.