Change the way you watch tv, Safety first, Serial number – Cisco Explorer 8300 User Manual

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Change the Way You Watch TV

DVR makes it easy to watch TV on your terms.
The Cisco




8300 Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is the simple way to take

control over your TV – and your life. You take control because the DVR lets you
decide what’s on TV and when. So there’s no more putting off the things you need to
do, just because there’s a show on TV you want to watch. Just think what the DVR
can do for you:
• Never miss a minute of your favorite movie or the big game. Simply pause the live

action and play again when you’re ready. You can even rewind what you missed.

• Two of your favorite shows on at the same time? Simple. Just record one program

while you watch the other. You can also record two programs at the same time
while watching a previously recorded program. Your VCR can’t do that.

• Is your favorite sports team having an away game and you can’t go? Imagine

being able to record it and watch it at a more convenient time.

Don’t miss another minute of the TV shows you love!
Follow the instructions in this guide to install the DVR, to become familiar with the
buttons on the front panel, and to access your cable services. Then, enjoy the
features of the 8300 DVR and change the way you watch TV.

Safety First

Before using the DVR, read the Important Safety Instructions section of this guide.

Serial Number

If the DVR requires troubleshooting in the future, your service provider may ask for
the serial number.
To fi nd the serial number for your DVR, look on the back panel for a label that is
similar to the example shown here. The serial number begins with “SA” and is located
in the lower left corner of the bar code.
Use the space provided here to record the serial number:




Serial Number