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Copyright © 2006-2012 Eagle Tree Systems, LLC

User Manual for the PowerPanel LCD Display Expander

Document Version 1.9

Thank you for your purchase of the PowerPanel - a tiny, lightweight Watt Meter for your model! This instruction manual will guide
you through the installation and operation of your PowerPanel LCD Display. Please read the entire manual carefully before
If, after you read the manual (including the Troubleshooting sections!) you have further questions or problems, see the
Support page on


for additional information, or email us at

[email protected]


Key Features

Here are a few of the features of the PowerPanel:

Ultra-thin LCD display connects to the eLogger with the included 11" (28cm) data cable.

Live Display of Amps, Volts, mAH, Temperatures, Wattage, RPM and some GPS parameters (more coming soon, by simply
download our latest Windows program).

Cumulative mAH display serves as a “gas gauge” for your battery pack. By knowing how much has been used, you can know
approximately how much is left!

Up to 4 parameters can be displayed per “virtual page” on the PowerPanel. Each parameter has a programmable label.

Multiple “virtual pages” of data are supported, with programmable ways of switching between the pages.

Supports display of both Live data and Max values, with programmable ways of switching between Live and Max.

Supports “hot plugging” into the eLogger after your session.

So light, it can easily be attached to the side of your model for live/max display all the time!

System supports both Metric and English units.

Supported Products

The PowerPanel is presently supported with our eLogger and EagleEyes products. This document is primarily focused on using the
PowerPanel with our eLoggers. For information about using the PowerPanel with the EagleEyes, please refer to the EagleEyes

Steps to Follow

Installation and use of your PowerPanel will be quite easy and enjoyable if you follow these few steps:


Read through the manual to understand the warnings, determine the installation and setup sequence, etc.


Connect the PowerPanel to the eLogger. You should now see live data on the PowerPanel!


If desired, reconfigure the parameters displayed on the PowerPanel as described in the “Configuring the PowerPanel with the
Software” section below.


Have fun!

Intended Uses

The PowerPanel is designed for use in Unmanned Radio Controlled models. Using the PowerPanel for other purposes is not supported.
Further, using the PowerPanel in situations where its use or failure could result in loss of life, bodily injury or property damage is
expressly prohibited.

Packing List

Your package should include the following: the PowerPanel LCD Expander, and a printed version of this manual. Please check the
support page of our website for the latest version of this manual, in case changes have been made since it was printed.

NOTE: the PowerPanel is covered with protective clear shrinkwrap. Do not remove the shrinkwrap!

Connecting the PowerPanel to the eLogger V3/V4

The PowerPanel plugs into the “LCD/TX” port of your eLogger V3, as shown in Figure 1A.

Connecting the PowerPanel to Your eLogger V1/V2

Connect the PowerPanel to the eLogger V1 or V2 AUX (or LCD) connector, as shown in Figure 1. Note that the top row of pins is the correct row,
and note that the red wire of the PowerPanel should face outwardly.