Eagle Tree Seagull Expander User Manual

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Copyright © 2004 Eagle Tree Systems, LLC

User Manual for the Seagull Wireless Dashboard Telemetry System

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Document Version 2.5, Model # ETS-SEA


Please read this manual before using your new system.

Thank you for your purchase! This instruction manual will guide you through the installation and operation of
your Seagull Wireless Dashboard Telemetry System.

Please read the entire manual carefully before proceeding. If, after you read the manual (including the
Troubleshooting sections!) you have further questions or problems, please visit our web support page for additional
support options, at


. Note that the latest version of this

manual is available in PDF form from the Support page of our website.

Steps to Follow

Installation and use of your Seagull system will be quite easy and enjoyable if you follow these few steps:

1. Read through the manual to understand the warnings, determine the installation and setup sequence, etc.
2. Install the Data Recorder and Transmitter as described in Transmitter installation instructions below. Note that installing

your Data Recorder requires referring to the included Data Recorder manual, if you did not purchase your Recorder

3. Configure the Seagull system with your PC, as described the Seagull Configuration instructions below.
4. Bench and range test your model, and have fun!

Important Warnings

• Make sure you have the right transmitter for your area. You are responsible for determining

whether you may use your transmitter in your country! See the transmitter specifications below for
information on frequency and power output. In general, transmitters marked EU or CE are suitable
for use in Europe, and transmitters marked FCC are suitable for USA operation.

• It is very important that you range check your model per your radio manufacturer’s instructions

after installing or reconfiguring any electronic equipment, and generally before each operation. If
you have range issues, see the Troubleshooting section.

• The Seagull system is to be used only as described in the “Intended Uses” section below. Other uses

are not supported, and uses where loss of life or injury may result are expressly forbidden.

• Operating your model requires that you keep your eyes on it and give it your full attention. Looking

at the Seagull LCD display while the model is in operation is strongly discouraged. Use the
programmable audible alarms, or have a buddy look at the display, as necessary.