Eagle Tree Electric Expander User Manual

How the electric expander works, Connecting the electric expander to the recorder

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Copyright © 2003-2010 Eagle Tree Systems, LLC


Instruction Manual for the Data Recorder Electric Expander

Document Version 3.0

Model # CDR-ECV, CDR-ECV140, CDR-ECV300

Thank you for your purchase! This instruction manual will guide you through the installation and operation of
your Data Recorder Electric Expander. Please read the entire manual carefully before proceeding. If, after you
read the manual (including the Troubleshooting section!!), you have further questions or problems, see the Support
page on


for additional information, or email us at

[email protected]


If you have purchased a Secondary or Tertiary Electric Expander, allowing up to three Electric Expanders to
be used simultaneously, please refer to the Secondary Expander instructions for additional information, after
reading the instructions below.

WARNING: High Voltages can cause electric shock. Be extremely careful when
working with high voltage packs! Work with High Voltages at your own risk!

Packing List

Your package should include the following: Electric Expander (standard 100 amp, or larger 140 amp or 300 amp sensors), and a
printed version of this manual. Please check your box for printed addenda to this manual which may be included if changes were
made after printing.

How the Electric Expander Works

The Electric Expander is compatible with our Flight Data Recorder V2/Pro, all Seagull systems, Car Data Recorder, and Boat Data
Recorder products. It is not compatible with our original Flight Data Recorder V1 product.

The Electric Expander works with your Data Recorder to
measure motor battery pack voltage and current. The
Expander measures current by means of a tiny,
lightweight hall effects current sensor ring. Battery
pack voltage is measured by the alligator clip attached to
the expander. NOTE: a common ground between your
battery pack and the Recorder is required for the voltage
measurement to work correctly.

Connecting the Electric Expander
to the Recorder

Note: If you have a Secondary or Tertiary Electric
Expander, please refer to the Secondary Expander
instructions for plugging in your Expander to the

Connect the polarized, 5 pin Electric Expander connector
to the recorder as shown in Figure 1a. NOTE: The plug
is a tight fit – slightly tilting the 5 pin connector back
toward the center of the Recorder can aid installation. If