Elenco 030VDC @ 5A Analog User Manual

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Congratulations on your selection of a top quality power
supply! The XP-605 has an output of 0-30VDC @ 5A; the XP-
752A has an output of 0-50VDC @ 3A. Their features include
fine and coarse controls for voltage and current, and contains
two analog volt/amp meters (XP-605); two digital volt/amp
meters (XP-752A).
The supply incorporates an externally controlled current cutoff
circuit with an LED indicating current overload. Protected
against short circuits and overloads.


Displays for voltage & current
(analog - XP-605, LCD - XP-752A)
Independent voltage and current controls
Constant voltage (CV) or constant current (CC) operation
LED indication for CV and CC for variable outputs
Overload and short protected.
Selectable AC input voltage, 115 or 230VAC


Certain safety precautions must be observed when this power
supply is used with external circuits that are connected to AC
power lines. There is always some danger when working with
electrical equipment or circuits that operate at hazardous
voltages. You should thoroughly familiarize yourself with the
equipment before using it. High voltage may appear at
unexpected points in defective equipment.
The unit is equipped with a three-wire line cord which grounds
the chassis to power line ground. Do not cut off or disable the
ground plug. The power supply secondary circuits are isolated
from the 115/230V primary circuit via the power transformer.
When working with other equipment, this may not always be
the case. Always be familiar with the equipment rating. Keep
in mind that defective equipment can have dangerous voltages
in unexpected places.