Caution – Elenco 030VDC @ 5A Analog User Manual

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Note XP-752A:

Current limiting less than 1/2A or a shorted

output activates the short circuit protection, turning the unit off.
To reset unit, remove the short or load and readjust current
limiting control.

Setting Current Limit Protection Mode

1. Adjust the current and voltage control knobs to the desired

output voltage.

2. Short the positive to the negative output terminal.

3. Press the power ON/OFF switch to ON. The CC LED should

be lit.

4. Turn the voltage coarse knob clockwise 1/4 turn.

5. Set the maximum output current by turning the current

coarse knob clockwise.

This now limits the output current to your setting.


• In the event of a short circuit at the output, the current will

limit at the value set by the current controls. However, the
unit should be turned OFF and the short circuit removed
before continuing use.

• The unit must be unplugged before servicing. Servicing

should be performed by a qualified repairperson with
knowledge in electrical hazards.

• The unit should be stored in a dry and well-ventilated place

and the power cord removed if storing for a long period of

• Never place any objects on the power supply.

• Do not obstruct the ventilation holes.

• Avoid contacting the heat sink of the power supply as it can

become very hot. Contacting the heat sink when it is hot
could result in skin burns or damage to the equipment in
contact with them.