Maintenance, Fuse replacement – Elenco 030VDC @ 5A Analog User Manual

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Fuse Replacement

The power supply will not work if the fuse is blown or not
installed. Check and repair any existing problems before
installing new fuse. Only use fuses with same specification as
original the one.


- To prevent fire use only 250V or greater with the

specified current.

1. Disconnect the AC power before replacing the fuse.

2. Insert a small screwdriver into fuse holder slot (located

between fuse holder and receptacle) and pry fuse holder
from receptacle.

3. Replace the blown fuse and insert holder into receptacle.

Be sure that the fuse is installed so that the correct line
voltage is selected.



fuse part numbers:

AC Power 230V 3A fuse 250V (5 x 20mm) Part #: 530300
AC Power 115V 6A fuse 250V (5 x 20mm) Part #: 531030

4. Plug line cord back into the AC output and test unit.


Cleaning – Using a soft moistened cloth, remove any dirt on
the outside of the case. The power supply should be used in
a normal working environment.

Servicing – If the unit becomes inoperative or damage,


Electronics or a qualified repairperson should only

perform the repair and calibration.