Quiz – Elenco Same as XP720 in Kit Form User Manual

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1. AC voltage is supplied to the rectifier stages by the . . .

r A. step up transformer.

r B. step down transformer.

r C. 1 to 1 transformer.

r D. AC to DC transformer.

2. The secondary windings of the transformer are . . .

r A. 90


out of phase.

r B. 180


out of phase.

r C. 270


out of phase.

r D. 320


out of phase.

3. Diodes allow current to flow . . .

r A. when the anode is more negative than the cathode.

r B. when the cathode is more positive than the anode.

r C. in one direction.

r D. when a negative or positive voltage is on the anode.

4. What circuit is more efficient for rectifying AC to DC?

r A. Hartley oscillator.

r B. Half-wave.

r C. Schmitt trigger.

r D. Full wave.

5. The DC voltage is smoothed by using a . . .

r A. half-wave rectification circuit.

r B. small value capacitor with a high voltage value.

r C. Large value capacitor.

r D. 90


out of phase rectification circuit.

6. An inefficient rectification circuit usually contains . . .

r A. large gaps between cycles.

r B. twice the AC voltage needed.

r C. more diodes.

r D. all of the above.

7. The maximum current that a diode can handle is determined by . . .

r A. the transformer’s current rating.

r B. the amount of AC ripple.

r C. three times the diode rating.

r D. peak current rating.

8. The LM-317 will shut down when . . .

r A. the output voltage is too high.

r B. no current is being drawn.

r C. the junction overheats.

r D. the output voltage drops to 1.25V.

9. The LM-317 regulator contains . . .

r A. a pass transistor.

r B. a constant current source.

r C. a differential amplifier.

r D. all of the above.

10. The LM-317 is basically . . .

r A. a 1.25V regulator.

r B. a 6.25V regulator.

r C. a 2.5V regulator.

r D. a negative voltage regulator.




1. B

, 2.

B, 3.

C, 4.

D, 5.

C, 6.

A, 7. D

, 8.

C, 9.

D, 10.