SkyRC Multimeter User Manual

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The i-Meter allows you to check the individual cell voltages of a 2 cells-
8 cells Lithium battery. The i-Meter individually measures & diagnoses
the cell voltages of the multiple cells, the result is displayed on the
large liquid crystal screen. The i-Meter replaces all of the tedious
measurement and calculations required in the past to determine the
overall voltage of the LiPo, LiFe & LiIon pack and the individual cell
voltages that determine the balance of the Lithium pack.

The i-Meter now makes it possible to determine and verify the detailed
state of the Lithium battery.

A balanced battery provides a safer environment when flying. If you
know that your cell balance is out you can address the issue.
The prevention of deteriorating cells over time, will improve the
efficiency and stability of the Lithium battery.

When you connect the balance lead to the i-Meter you must ensure
that both the Ground pin’s for the balance connector and the i-Meter
go together. Different Balance leads have different wiring configurations
and some are colored.

The i-Meter has 2.54mm pin intervals. If the connector on you battery
does not fit do not force the connector, obtain a suitable adaptor lead
from your hobby shop.

Battery Connection Diagram