SkyRC Multimeter User Manual

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The difference is shown graphically between the cell that is showing
the highest cell voltage to the cell that is showing the lowest cell voltage
(largest cell voltage difference) indicated on the graph. When the cell
voltages read equal, the bar extends all the way to the right (O). This
indicates that the cells are all balanced to a satisfactory level. When
the cells have a difference in voltage the bar shortens and indicates
towards the left (X). In order to maintain long lasting battery life if the
balance gauge does not show a satisfactory cell balance then a cell
balancer should be applied to the pack before use. If the cell balance
indication is low after the battery has been used this can be normal and
charging should occur with a balance charger.


The i-Meter has been created to give you the ability to make an
informed determination of what the true cell and pack ratings by
providing a useful measure, the cell internal resistance.

I n t . R e s i e t a n c e

R e s :

3 9

m o h m

Connection Diagram for Measurement of Battery
Internal Resistance

Connect battery to i-Meter via Voltage Port to power on the i-Meter
Using supplied cable (pitch 2.54mm) to measure individual internal
Press ‘MODE’ to select ‘INT. RESISTANCE’ function
Press ‘ENTER’ to confirm selection