24 m1 wl troubleshooting, Technical specifications – VDO M1WL User Manual

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Possible cause


Half segments on the display
(e.g. after a battery change)

Computer software not running
correctly after battery change

Remove and re-insert the battery

No speed displayed

Distance from sensor to magnet too

Correct the sensor and magnet positions

No speed displayed

Computer not properly clicked
into the handlebar bracket

Insert the computer into the handlebar
bracket and rotate it as far as possible

No speed displayed

Wheel circumference is set incorrectly
or to zero

Set the wheel circumference

No speed displayed

Battery in the transmitter is dead

Replace the battery in the transmitter

Display becomes weak

Battery dead

Check the battery, replace if nec.

Technical specifications

Approx. 49 H x 38 W x 16 D mm
H approx. 39 mm, W approx. 29 mm

Computer weight:
Approx. 28 g
Handlebar bracket weight:
Approx. 10 g
Speed transmitter weight:
Approx. 20 g

Computer battery:
3V, type 2032
Computer battery service life:
Approx. 1 year (approx. 10,000 km/6,000 mi)

Speed transmitter battery:
3V, type 2032
Speed transmitter battery life:
Approx. 1.5 years (approx. 15,000 km/9,000 mi)

Wireless transmission ranges:
Speed transmitter: 75 cm

Temperature indicator range on the display:
-20°C to +70°C/-4°F to +158°F

Speed range for wheel size 2,155 mm:
Min 2.5 kmh,
Max 199 km/h

Ride time measurement range:
Up to 99:59:59 HH:MM:SS.
Trip distance odometer measurement range:
Up to value 999.99 km or mi
Total km measurement range:
Up to value 99,999 km or mi

Wheel circumference setting range:
From 100 mm to 3999 mm (3.9 to 157.4 inches)