9m1 wl sleep mode and wireless receiver – VDO M1WL User Manual

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Sleep mode and wireless receiver

If you take a break and the

M1 WL is still in the handlebar

bracket the computer switches to standby mode after five


The wireless receiver is still


This can be seen from the

flashing antenna icon.

If you now set off cycling again, the auto-start function is
used. The VDO M1 WL instantly switches back to the function
mode. The current speed is once again displayed.

This can

take up to eight seconds.

If you take a break for

more than two hours,

the wireless receiver switches off to conserve the battery.
You can see from the display if this has happened –
the flashing antenna icon no longer appears.

You must press a button before setting off again.
Once a button has been pressed, the receiver is once again
activated. You can now set off again.

If you remove the VDO M1 WL

from the bracket, the

wireless receiver is immediately switched off and the
computer switches to sleep mode after five minutes.