Eu declaration of conformity – VDO M3WR User Manual

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Correct disposal of this product (electrical waste)

(To be used in EU countries and other European
countries with a separate collection system). The
labelling on the product and the relevant literature

indicates that it must not be disposed of with normal house-
hold waste at the end of its service life. Please dispose of
this device separately to other waste so as not to harm the
environment or human health through uncontrolled waste
disposal. Recycle the device to promote the sustainable reuse
of material resources. Private users should contact the retailer
from whom they purchased the product or the responsible
authorities to find out how they can recycle the device in
an environment-friendly manner. Commercial users should
contact their suppliers and consult the conditions of the sales
agreement. This product must not be disposed of with other
commercial waste.

EU declaration of conformity

We, CYCLE PARTS GmbH, Le Quartier Hornbach 13,
D-67433 Neustadt/Weinstraße, declare that when used as
intended, the VDO cycle computer VDO M3 complies with
the essential requirements established in the CE Directives.

The declaration of conformity can be found at:

Neustadt, October 2013