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Product overview

Linksys E-Series

Back view

Ethernet ports

Wi-Fi Protected Setup button

Internet port

Power port

Power indicator



Wi-Fi Protected Setup indicator

Ethernet ports

Wi-Fi Protected Setup button

Internet port

Power port

Ethernet ports—Connect Ethernet cables (also called network cables)

to these Fast Ethernet (10/100) ports, color coded blue, and to wired

Ethernet network devices on your network .

Internet port—Connect an Ethernet cable (also called a network or

Internet cable) to this port, color coded yellow, and to your modem .

Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ button—Press this button to easily configure

wireless security on Wi-Fi Protected Setup-enabled network devices .

For more information, see “How to set up wireless security using Wi-Fi

Protected Setup” on page 43 .

Power indicator—Stays on steadily while power is connected and

following a successful Wi-Fi Protected Setup connection . Flashes slowly

during bootup, during firmware upgrades, and during a Wi-Fi Protected

Setup connection . Flashes quickly when there is a Wi-Fi Protected Setup

error .

Power—Connect the included AC power adapter to this port .


Use only the adapter that came with your router .

Port activity indicator

Green network

activity indicator

Network and Internet port

Green activity indicator—On Ethernet ports, stays on when a cable

connects the port to another Ethernet port . On the Internet port, stays

on while connected to a modem . On both port types, it flashes while

transferring data .

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