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Setting Up: Advanced

Linksys E-Series


An office network often has a wall plate with an Ethernet port that

you can connect to .

If you are doing this in a home environment (without wall ports),

connect an Ethernet network cable between a LAN port on your

upstream router and the Internet port on your Linksys router .

3. Run Cisco Connect on each computer that you want to connect to

the Linksys router . Each computer needs either a wired or wireless

connection to the Linksys router . For more information, see “How to

connect a computer to your network” on page 16 .

The computers that are connected to the Linksys router are now on the same

network, and are isolated from the upstream network . However, you will still

have access to the Internet through the upstream router (by way of your Linksys

router) . Because two routers are between your computer and the Internet,

Internet traffic undergoes two network address translations . This is sometimes

referred to as Double NAT .
Your computers can also use the built-in capabilities of your Linksys router,

such as parental controls . If you need further control over the type of content

your employees or family access, you can create an account with an Internet

filtering site such as or . After you

create an account with them, use their DNS in place of your ISP’s DNS .

To use their DnS:

Setup > Basic Setup

1. Log into the browser-based utility (see “How to open the browser-based

utility” on page 25) .

2. Click the Setup tab, then click the Basic Setup page .
3. Complete the Static DnS fields with the information provided by your

content filtering provider .

4. Click Save Settings .

To extend your network

This topic covers cases three and four above.


This is a complex process, so this procedure assumes that you have

some networking knowledge .

To extend your network or add wireless capabilities:
If you want to extend your network, you may also follow the instructions

above . One example of this might be to provide a separate wireless

network for your children to keep their wireless network traffic separate

from your wireless network . You might also want to isolate one network

from another network so that network shares aren’t visible across

networks . In this case, use an Ethernet cable to connect the Internet

port of the downstream router to one of the LAN ports of the upstream

router . Make sure that the local network subnets on the two routers are

different .
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