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Page 10: Storing fm/am radio station presets, Talk radio mode

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Selecting the radio band

Press Radio to turn on the radio to the station
last selected. Press Radio as necessary to
select FM or AM.

Listening to FM/AM radio

When you select FM radio, RDS information for the
current station is displayed. This is controlled by the
RADIO TEXT setting in the setup menu (page 16). To
disable RDS and view only the station frequency, change
the RADIO TEXT setting to OFF.

RDS information displayed (RADIO TEXT- ON):

No RDS information displayed (RADIO TEXT- OFF):

Tuning to an FM/AM station

When you press Radio, Seek/Track, or Tune/Playlist
to tune to a radio station, the frequency appears in the
center of the display while you are tuning.

• Press Seek/Track

to find a lower

frequency station with a strong signal;
Press Seek/Track

to find a higher

frequency station with a strong signal.

• Press Tune/Playlist < to manually tune

to a lower frequency;
press Tune/Playlist > to manually tune
to a higher frequency.

• Press and hold Tune/Playlist < to rapidly lower the

frequency; press and hold Tune/Playlist > to rapidly
increase the frequency.

Note: If AM reception is weak, rotate your Wave




clockwise or counterclockwise to improve AM reception. If
FM reception is weak, make sure the power cord is
straightened as much as possible. To improve FM recep-
tion, you can install an external FM antenna. See “Using an
external antenna” on page 14.

Storing FM/AM radio station

You can store up to six FM and six AM radio
stations for quick recall using the Presets


Tune to the station you want to save as a preset.


Press and hold one of the six Presets buttons until
you hear a double beep and the preset number and
station frequency appear on the display.


Press one of the Presets buttons to quickly tune to
a previously stored FM or AM station.

Note: Storing a preset will replace any station previously
stored to that preset number.


Talk radio broadcasts can be greatly affected by either the
microphone selection or the boosting of low frequencies
by some radio stations. They do so in an attempt to
improve speech when heard through conventional radios.
In high-quality audio products, this results in sound that is
unnatural or bass heavy. By selecting the TALK RADIO
mode, your Wave



III automatically adjusts to

compensate for artificially boosted low frequencies.

When the radio is playing, press Play Mode
twice to turn the TALK RADIO mode on or off.

When on, TALK RADIO– ON is displayed. When off,
TALK RADIO– OFF is displayed.

Note: The TALK RADIO setting is automatically cancelled
when you tune to another station, switch to another
source, or turn your Wave



III off.

RDS information

Station frequency

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