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Customer service

If you lose your remote, additional remotes are available
from Bose


Customer Service. For additional help in

solving problems, contact Bose Customer Service. See
the phone numbers listed inside the back cover.


Use only a soft dry cloth to clean the enclosure of your



III. If necessary, you may use a soft-

bristled attachment to gently vacuum the front of the
enclosure. Do not use any liquid cleaning solutions,
solvents, chemicals, alcohol, ammonia, or abrasives.

CAUTION: Do not allow liquids to spill into any openings
in the enclosure. If liquids get into the unit, unplug the
product immediately. Call Bose


Customer Support as

soon as possible to arrange for service. See the list of
phone numbers inside the back cover.


What to do

System does not function

Make sure the power cord is fully plugged into an operating electrical outlet.

Unplug the power cord from the AC wall outlet for 10 seconds and then reconnect it; this will
reset the system.

Tap the touch pad on the top of the system to see if the system turns on (page 9).

No sound

Turn the volume up.





to listen to an external source connected to the AUX IN input.

Make sure the external source is turned on and the volume on the external source is turned up.

Disconnect headphones from the system (connecting headphones mutes the speakers).

Poor sound quality

If listening to an AM or FM source, try turning the Talk Radio mode on or off (page 10).

If listening to an AUX source, make sure you are using a stereo cable and that it is fully

Remote control is inconsis-
tent or does not work

Operate the remote control closer to the unit.

Check that the remote control battery is installed with positive (+) polarity facing up.

Replace the remote control battery.

Check for interference from fluorescent room lighting, sunlight, or dust or dirt on lens.

Try the unit in a different location.

AM reception is weak

Adjust the internal antenna by rotating the unit slightly one way and then the other.

Move the unit farther from a TV, refrigerator, halogen lamps, dimmer switches, or other elec-
tronic equipment that generates electrical noise.

If neither suggestion works, you may be in an area of weak AM signal coverage.

FM reception is weak

Extend the power cord as much as possible. The power cord acts as an FM antenna. See
“Connecting to power” on page 6.

Try an external antenna. Call Bose


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