Dmx linking, Dmx connection, Signal wiring – ILUMINARC Ilumipod™ 36g2 IP User Manual

Page 4: Dmx junction box wiring

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Ilumipod™ 36g2 IP QRG



DMX Linking

The Ilumipod™ 36g2 IP will work with a DMX controller using a regular
DMX serial connection. A DMX Primer is available from


DMX Connection

This product provides a DMX 512 connection by using bare-ended
IP67-rated signal cable. This cable comes connected to the product. See the
User Manual to connect and configure for DMX operation.

Signal Wiring

To provide the signal, you have two options:
· Connect the bare-ended IP67-rated signal cable from the product to two

IP67-rated signal connectors (DMX In and DMX Out).

· Use an IP67-rated junction box. If so, make sure to use IP67-rated


The signal cable must match or exceed the electrical characteristics of
the Belden® 9841 cable for EIA RS-485 applications. You can also use
CAT 5, CAT 5e, or CAT 6.

DMX Junction Box


Junction Box

Junction Box


1: Common (Shield)
2: Data – In (Black)
3: Data + In (White)
4: Data – Out (Green)
5: Data + Out (Red)

Signal In

Signal Out