ZVOX Audio ZVOX Z-Base 555 User Manual

Zvox z-base 555 setup & operation, Step

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ZVOX Z-Base 555

Setup & Operation

Don’t Worry

It’s Pretty Easy.

Home Theater Made Simple!

What’s In The Box

ZVOX Sound System • Remote control • Owner’s guide

AC cord • Analog signal cable (RCA plugs to RCA plugs)


Place The System

On Furniture.




Plug In One

Connecting Wire.


Plug It Into The Wall.




Learn To Use

The Remote.

Great Sound Made Simple


power cord to the back of the speaker.

Then connect the AC power cord to an

AC power receptacle. Turn on the speaker

using the power switch on the back panel

next to the AC cord.
The Z-Base 555 has additional inputs

that can be selected from the front panel

or the included remote control. These

inputs allow connection of an iPod, MP3 player, CD player, radio or

streaming audio system or other audio device.
If your home TV system does not conform to the descriptions in

this Guide, don’t hesitate to send an inquiry to info@zvoxaudio.

com. A ZVOX Audio representative will respond with

useful options.

3. Features and Controls of the Z-Base 555

You can “teach” the Z-Base 555 to respond to your

current TV remote control for functions like on/off,

volume up/down and mute (see separate sheet to

learn how to do this). So for most TV viewing, you

won’t need the ZVOX remote control. The ZVOX

remote control provides adjustments of special audio

features and functions:
The Z-Base 555 will automatically select whichever

audio input was last used. Use the

INPUT button to select a different input:
• Digital Input 1 - optical
• Digital Input 2 - coaxial
• Analog Input 1
• Analog Input 2
• Analog Input 3 (front panel minijack)
If the AC power is lost, it may be necessary to reselect the desired

Volume and Mute
When the Mute function is activated,

the display will show -00-.
These controls will adjust the ZVOX Audio

volume and Mute even if you set up the

ZVOX Speaker to respond to a different

remote control.
Bass and Treble
The Bass control has a range from -8 to 4. The Treble control has a

range from -4 to 4.
Note: The bass output of

the Z-Base 555 is affected

by its position within a

room. You may find it

sounds best with slightly

more or less bass than the

neutral setting.
Surround Settings
There are three SURROUND levels:
• Surround One (“Sd 1”) has low virtual

surround effect and strong vocals. Use

this setting if vocal clarity is very important

to you.

• Surround Two (“Sd 2”) has moderate virtual

surround effect and moderate vocals. Most people prefer this

setting for most program material.

• Surround Three (“Sd 3”) has strong virtual surround effect

and moderate vocals. Many people prefer this setting when

watching movies.




Output Leveling
Press this button to prevent large changes in

volume. When engaged, it boosts quiet dialog

and lowers the output of loud commercial

breaks. It also reduces volume swings between

cable or satellite channels. This feature

can be used along with any of the three

Surround settings.
Dialog Emphasis
Press this button to engage a feature that

increases the clarity of most voices.
Pressing Dialog Emphasis overrides the

current Surround and Output Leveling setting.
A second press of Dialog Emphasis returns

the Z-Base 555 to the last-used Surround and

Output Leveling settings.

3B. Front Panel Controls and Input


MUTE/Power button. Press this button briefly to turn on the

system. When the system is on, you can press the button

briefly to mute the sound. The display shows -00- when

muted. Press briefly again to restore sound.
• The Z-Base 555 does not need to be turned “on” or “off”. It

will enter a low-power STANDBY state after about 5 minutes

of silence. You restore the Z-Base 555 to normal operation

whenever you press the Power, Volume Up/Down or Mute

buttons on your remote (after you have programmed the 555

to work with your remote – see separate sheet “Your Current

TV Remote Can Control Your ZVOX System.”)

• You can manually put the Z-Base 555 in STANDBY mode,

also. Press and hold the Front Panel MUTE button for about

four seconds.


VOLUME -/+. The volume range indication is 01 to 30.


INPUT. Press this button to select between the available audio



AUDIO CONNECTING JACK. This 3.5 mm stereo minijack

can be used to connect an iPod


, MP3 player, portable CD

player or any other audio device. Use a “miniplug to miniplug”

cable to connect your device to the front panel input, then

switch to Input 3 using the remote control or the Input button

on the front panel.

3C. Other Rear Panel Connectors


Sub Out. This phono jack output supplies a full-frequency

range monaural analog audio signal for use with an external

powered subwoofer. When used with an external powered

subwoofer, set the Z-Base 555 BASS control to “0”. Set the

external powered subwoofer Low Pass control to 55-60 Hz.

Then adjust the output of the external subwoofer to achieve a

pleasing balance with the Z-Base 555.


Remote Control Input. This jack is reserved for ZVOX service


4. Learning to use the Learning Remote

Please refer to our Guide, “Your TV Remote Can Control Your

ZVOX System.”

Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby

and the Double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.

Bass set at -2

Treble set at 1
















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