ZVOX Audio 440 User Manual

Zvox, Single-cabinet surround sound system

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O w n e r ’ s M a n u a l

D o n ’ t W o r r y – T h i s I s G o i n g T o B e S i m p l e

Single-Cabinet Surround Sound System

auto On/OFF

In normal operation, the ZVOX 440 enters standby mode 5-8

minutes after turning off the audio program. The front panel

light will turn from blue to green to indicate standby mode.

When you turn on a new program, the light will turn blue again

and the program will play. To defeat this “automatic standby”

mode, press the AUTO ON/OFF button once (the light will

blink). To restore the setting, press the button again.

Fine Tuning

If you hear a consistent hiss or hum from the ZVOX 440, it is

likely you are using a variable audio output from your TV but

the ZVOX 440’s volume is set too high. Lower the setting on

the ZVOX 440 remote VOLUME by at least three steps or until

the hiss is reduced, then set it aside. Use a higher volume

setting on your TV remote from this point forward.
Please keep in mind that your ZVOX 440 is a highly accurate

audio system. It may reveal noise, distortion or other flaws

inherent in some audio programs that were masked with

smaller TV speakers.
The PhaseCue control adjusts the size of the perceived “sound-

stage”. Feel free to adjust it for different kinds of programs.

In general, movies and live action video programming benefit

from a higher setting than music concert programming.

Remember, there are nine discrete steps of PhaseCue effect.