Band saw use and maintenance – Diamond Power Products DL 5000 User Manual

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Band Saw Use and Maintenance

A. Drive Belt Tension Adjustment

A loose drive belt may result in a noticeable loss of power to the
blade wheels.
1) To tighten the drive belt, turn saw OFF and unplug the saw from the
electrical outlet.
2) Remove all screws securing rear panel encasing the motor (Fig.10).
3) Loosen both motor mount set screws using a large hex
wrench (Fig.11).
4) Press the motor downward to desired belt tension and secure into
position by retightening the motor mount set screws. There should be
moderate give in the belt tension (1/4” flex top and bottom).

WARNING: Do not overtighten belt. Overtightening the drive belt will
slow the motor down and damage the motor. A loose belt will not
turn the blade wheels properly.

B. Drive Belt Replacement

1) To replace the drive belt, turn saw to OFF position and unplug from
the electrical outlet.
2) Remove all screws securing panel encasing the
motor (Fig. 11).
3) Remove left center screw holding the motor plate into position.
Loosen right motor mount screw slightly.
4) Pivot motor slightly to the right and drive belt will loosen (Fig.12).
Pull drive belt off the motor and pulley wheel.
5) Replace drive belt by first wrapping it around the motor pulley. Then
holding the belt over the pulley wheel, rotate it to the right, coaxing
the belt onto the pulley wheel from the bottom up (Fig.13).
6) Replace and tighten motor mount plate screws and adjust belt
tension as needed.
7) Replace the rear panel encasing the motor and fasten
with screws.

C. Blade Tension

A tension meter is located on the top back panel of the DL5000
(Fig.14). Proper tension is achieved when the gauge is just touching
the top of the “tight” red mark. You can check this by pushing on the
flat side of the blade between the upper wheel and upper guide and
you should get 1/4”-1/2” movement side to side. If you can not flex the
blade 1/4” - 1/2”, loosen until you can and use this meter reading as
the correct setting for this blade. Recheck with each new
blade replacement.

WARNING: If the diamond blade is too tight, breakage could occur.

During operation, the blade will begin to expand due to friction and

heat. If the blade begins to vibrate from side to side during operation,
tighten the tension knob again so the meter position remains the
same as it was originally set for this blade.

WARNING: When shutting off the machine after a day of operation,
loosen the blade tension. Before returning to operation again,
tighten the tension so the meter reads correctly for the blade in use.

D. Blade Guide Adjustment

The DL5000 comes with lower and upper blade guides. Proper
alignment of these guides are essential for proper cutting and
extending blade life.