Quick tips – Diamond Power Products DL 5000 User Manual

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Quick Tips

1) When cutting, the highest blade speed will usually result in efficient and
smooth cutting. Use a slower speed when working with delicate materials
or making very tight turning radius.

2) Do not force materials into the blade. Ease the materials into the blade,
turning as you go to create your pattern. Keep a constant forward
movement of the material through the blade as you make your curves.
Avoid twisting the blade on tight curves.

3) To back out of a cut, turn the saw off and ease the material away from
the blade.

4) Clean band saw after each use with water. Run clean water through
pump until it runs clear and the water tube appears clean. Frequent use of
WD40 or similar lubricant on all screws and moving parts is recommended.

5) When not in use, loosen blade wheel tension. When storing for
extended periods, remove blade and drive belt, then store.

6) Use a waterproof pen to mark your pattern on material. For added
protection, use Chap Stick™ or candle wax over line before cutting.

7) Two or more pieces may be cut at the same time by stacking them
together and using “tacky wax”, rubber cement or double-sided tape to
hold material in place. If using glue or tape, clean blade after use by
running a clean piece of glass or tile through blade. It is not recommended
that you cut through thickness greater than 3/4”.

Bottom Hex Bolt, then retighten the Inner Bottom Hex Bolt. After

adjusting, manually turn the wheels to ensure proper blade tracking.