Faronics Power Save Dashboard User Manual

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Using the Faronics Power Save Dashboard



Faronics Power Save Dashboard

2. Select one of the following available widgets:

Overall Savings

Savings Trend

Hourly Power Savings

Top Energy Savers

Bottom Energy Savers

3. Click Add.

The widgets are added to the dashboard.

Removing Widgets

Click the Close icon on a widget to remove it from the dashboard.

Widget Settings

The settings can be customized for each widget as follows.

Click the Settings icon and select Full Operation or Audit Only mode. You can also select the date

Click Save.

Maximize or Minimize a Widget

Click the green arrow on the widget to maximize or minimize.


Clicking on the widgets displays the Full Operation report (if you selected Full Operation in
Settings) or the Audit Only Mode report (if you select Audit Only mode in Settings).

You can specify the hours of the day, day of the week, and custom date range for the reports.

Faronics Power Save also provides other detailed reports. Click Reports and select one of the

Savings by *Energy Consumption Profiles

Savings by *Custom Power Plans

Top 25 Energy Savers

Bottom 25 Energy Savers

*Refer to the Faronics Power Save User Guide at