Feelworld FW5D-TRM/O User Manual

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1.Product description ------------------------------------------1

2.Product feature instruction --------------------------------2

3.Panel function and button operating instruction---3

4.Rear panel and interface instruction -------------------4

5.Power input way -----------------------------------------------4

6.Apperance installation size---------------------------------5

7.OSD operating instruction----------------------------------5


1. Product description:

5" Triple rack mount lcd monitor is a Triple LCD screen display provide

video monitor & audio monitor. The monitor with high resolution 800*480, to

receive the HDMI and analog composite video signal, with the audio

input,earphone monitoring functions. FW5D-DRM/O can also provide

HDMI,HD video signal output. All video signals by digital processing, high

quality scaling on the screen. Can be used in the TV news production, editing,

broadcast and television, special vehicles areas .

● HD/SD video HDMI/composite video and audio input

● HDMI output(optional)

● 5D II camera mode

● Peaking filter(Peaking focus assist) mode

● Picture color temperature selection

● Black and white picture (Red, Green, Blue display)

● Sceen marker (80%,85%,90%,93%,96% optional)

● Center marker

● 4:3 or 16:9 Aspect ratio setting

●Brightness,Contrast,Hue,Saturation and Color Temperature Adjustment

● 6 levels of brightness cycle adjustment shortcuts

● Earphone monitoring