Feelworld FW5D-TRM/O User Manual

Page 7

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Enter into "Color" OSD, press “◄”or“►”button to confirm, then enter to

adjust the color parameters, use ““▲”or“▼”to select adjustment item, then

use“◄”or“►”adjust the parameters

Brightness: To adjust the image's brightness

Contrast: To adjust the brightest and darkest ratio of the image, please

note the sense of picture when adjust, proportion too large or small, will make

the picture lose the color of showy.

Tint: On NTSC Video mode, the image color tint difference is

adjustable by tint.

Saturation: To adjust color concentration

Color temperature: Enter into (color)menu, press“◄”or“►” on the unit

to confirm, press “▲”or“▼” to select the form of color temperature, then press

“◄”or“►”on the unit to confirm, then use “▲”or“▼” to select color temperature

such as: 9300 K, 7500K, 6500K or USER.(the monitor leave the factory defalts