Feelworld P121-9HSD User Manual

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11 .Trouble shooting
If there is any problem using the unit. You can try follow ways to
inspect and solve.

Without image display Trouble shooting

Video cable off or connect


Check the quality of the cable, make sure the
correct input interface

Without video signal input

Check the signal source and output interface
connect is correct or not

Monitor is not be powered on Check the power whether connected, put the

power switch to “on”position




The power adapter or battery is poor
connected with battery plate

The power use is self-made,

polarity connect inversely

Reference "Power input way" reconnect

Image/color display abnormal Trouble shooting

Video cable poor contact

Change video cable, try again

Video signal interfered from

external environment

Move to another environment to try again

Video input signal amplitude

too low

Check signal source video output, or change
signal source have a try.

Menu color saturation

adjustment closing

Enter menu check color, or reset to factory

B/W set in monochrome or

black & white

Press the B/W button, back to the color

Image deformation

Reset the ratio

Speaker without sound Trouble shooting

Audio cable off or



Confirm connected with the corresponding
input end

Volume adjustment was


Reset the volume control is adjusted to a
proper position

HDMI cable poor connected

Check the quality of cable, or chage cable

have a try

No sound

after switch video


This monitor with audio signal only in audio
input and HDMI


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