Feelworld P121-9HSD User Manual

Page 6

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3. Key operation instructions

If in the operating status, press button“

”, then enter into OSD mode.

Press the unit button“


”to select the options which you need:

(display result)


(system setting)

(scan position adjust), after

select the button you need, press“ ”or“ on the unit to confirm, if need to exit

OSD menu, repress button “


4. Menu function introduction

Display result setting

(this setting has 2 pages menu)

Press "

" key, pop up OSD menu as below,"

" or "

" to select

, press "

" or "

" to confirm, With "

" or"

"button to choose

adjustment project

then use "

" or "

" to adjust or select the adjustment.


" to exit.

Menu page 1 picture

Contrast: To adjust the brightest and darkest ratio of the image

Brightness: To adjust the image's brightness

Saturation : To adjust the saturation

Sharpness: To adjust the depth to the image

Color Temp: To adjust the RED, GREEN, BLUE of the color