Feelworld P121-9HSD User Manual

Page 9

background image


Menu timer : To control the automatic disappearance time after

OSD pop up

Check Field: On the color saturation of images all closed function

makes it a monochrome image

H/V delay: The image U/D, L/R flip

Image Flip: A line field blanking part optional switch

Camera : Canon 5D II or similar camera when shooting, image

is not deformation, not black, without delay, perfect

without distortion

Menu page 2 picture

Dot By Dot: In the video, the point to point display. Observing the

image more clearly

Reset: On system parameters and settings recover factory


Scan adjust

Press "

" key, pop up OSD menu as below,"

" or "

" to select

, press "

" or "

" to confirm, With "

" or"

"button to choose

adjustment project, then use "

" or "

" to adjust or select the adjustment.


" to exit.