Durst Rho 351R User Manual

Rho 351r roll-to-roll uv-inkjet printer

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Rho 351R

Roll-to-roll UV-Inkjet Printer

The high colour density of 2.25 D and the

ability to underprint white or use it as

a spot colour, enables both the printing

of coloured media and the production

of photo-quality backlits. The printing

of backlits is automated by the special

backlit function which applies double the

ink coverage in one printing operation.

The high productivity, up to 170 m


/hr on

mesh, for example, is further optimised

by the ability to print two 1600 mm

wide, different diameter rolls simultane-

ously, thus utilising the full width of the

equipment. Productivity is enhanced still

further by the stepless skip-white func-

tion in an XY direction.

The printing operation is enhanced by an

integrated manual cutting device and the

user friendly, industry standard LINUX

operating software. The built-in security

system allows for unattended printing

of large rolls and double sided printing is

made possible thanks to the laser driven


The Rho 351R, a further development of

the Rho 350R, is a high-speed UV inkjet

printer for roll media, including: paper,

fabrics, vinyl and PVC films, up to a width

of 3500 mm (11.6 ft). The high print

quality, featuring fine text (as small as 4

point) and solid areas of colour with high

colour gamut and density, is achieved

using Durst Quadro Array print head

technology, innovative European mecha-

nical engineering and Durst’s proprietary

image software.

The Rho 351R uses Durst Rho Roll Ink, a

virtually odourless, high pigmentation ink,

which has been specially developed for

excellent flexibility, adhesion and colour

stability on flexible material. It is ideal for

printing on such material as soft banners

(fabrics) and backlit textiles, tents and

awnings, truck side curtains, POP/POS

signs, large format posters, building

wrapping, wall paper and PVC films for

backlighting, etc...