Durst Rho 320R User Manual

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Rho 320R

The new quality standard for

industrial roll-to-roll printing

An important feature in the overall

quality standard of the Rho 320R is the

environmentally friendly, low odour Rho

Roll Ink which offers a wide colour gamut

and high colour density. It enables economic

printing of offset quality particularly for

large format indoor applications. Demanding

and profitable applications such as lightbox

displays, illuminated posters, window

graphics, POP displays and advertising

textiles can be achieved with the Rho 320R

in a previously unattainable quality.

As with all Rho systems, Durst offers with

the Rho 320R the highest reliability, the

capability of 24/7 production and best

service support in the market.

Durst is pleased to introduce the new Rho

320R UV inkjet printer that establishes

a new quality standard for industrial

roll-to-roll printing. Precision components

developed and perfected by Durst, such as

the innovative Quadro® Array printhead

technology and the new print carriage

concept which includes a magnetic linear

drive system, are important features of the

Rho 320R. The unique and reliable high

quality white printing option, the light

colour option and the enhanced user

software with an integrated maintenance

program further support this new quality