Durst Rhopac 160 User Manual

Rhopac 160 corrugated display printer

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Rhopac 160

Corrugated Display Printer

The Rhopac 160 is the first entry level

digital press for corrugated displays.

The new printer allows printing houses

and corrugated converters to enter the

profitable corrugated display market.

The Rhopac 160 is the only UV press

specifically designed to print on

corrugated boards as well as on a large

variety of rigid and semi flexible POP

materials. This, coupled with a roll to roll

printing option, makes the Rhopac 160 the

most versatile POP printer in the market.

Furthermore, the Rhopac 160 can be a

valuable tool for corrugated packaging

converters by increasing customer loyalty

through enabling them to offer printed

samples and test marketing.

The Rhopac 160 builds on the long

industrial experience of the other Rho

family members. This includes Durst’s

own proven Quadro® Array printhead

technology, which provides a print

quality of the highest standard.

The reliable transport of corrugated

boards, during the printing process, is

guaranteed by special manual adjustable

edge holders and an extra strong vacuum.

It is therefore ideally suited for printing

high quality displays and sample

packaging. Very compact in size, the

rugged construction provides excellent

durability and longevity. It is also able

to be upgraded with additional printing

features such as Durst’s world leading

white ink printing and selective varnish

or light colours.