Installation – Flowserve BK 212 User Manual

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Only qualified welders certified e. g. according to DIN EN 287 may weld
the steam trap into pressurized lines.

Do not insulate the steam trap.


BK 212

1. The steam trap BK 212 can be installed in any position. In the case of a horizontal

installation, make sure that the cover is at the top.

2. Take care of flow direction. The flow arrow is on the trap body.

3. Consider space required for opening trap. When the trap is installed a minimum

space of 150 mm is required for removing the cover .

4. Remove plastic plugs. They are only used as transit protection.

5. Clean socket-weld ends.

6. Arc-weld trap only manually (welding process 111 in accordance with

DIN EN 24063).

Technical Data

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Heat Treatment of Welds

After the steam trap has been welded into the pipeline the welds require special heat
treatment (we recommend resistance annealing according to DIN EN 100529).
Remove the regulator before carrying out the heat treatment (see Maintenance).
Annealing must be restricted to the region of the welds.



DIN reference


10CrMo 9 10 (1.7380)

Cover bolts (standard)

21 CrMoV 5 7 (1.7709)

Nuts (standard)

24 CrMo 5 (1.7258)

Special cover bolts and nuts

X 22 CrMoV 12 1 (1.4923)


Corrosion-resistant Duo stainless steel

sealing surfaces:

wear-resistant titanium alloy

Other internals

Stainless steel