Flowserve BK 212 User Manual

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Important Notes

Safety Note

Use steam trap BK 212 only for the discharge of steam condensate. The steam trap
may only be installed by qualified staff. Qualified staff are those persons who – through
adequate training in engineering, the use and application of equipment in accordance
with regulations concerning steam systems, and first aid & accident prevention – have
achieved a recognised level of competence appropriate to the installation and
commissioning of this device.


The steam trap is under pressure when the system is operating.
When loosening flanged connections or plugs hot water or steam may
escape. This presents the risk of severe scalds to the whole body.
Before carrying out installation and maintenance work it is therefore
essential to isolate and depressurize the trap.

The trap becomes hot during operation.
This presents the risk of severe burns to hands and arms.
Before carrying out any installation or maintenance work make sure that
the trap is cold.

Sharp edges on internals present a danger of cuts to hands.
Always wear industrial gloves when replacing the regulator.