Gasboy PC for Windows Upgrade Procedure User Manual

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C36093 Rev. 09/11/03

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Step 13:

Load Autopoll Configuration

If you have a saved autopoll configuration, load it. From the CommLink Menu, choose Setup/Enable Autopoll.
Click the Configurations button. Select the configuration that you wish to use and click Open. NOTE: Autopoll
configurations cannot be loaded while autopoll is enabled. If autopoll is enabled, disable it before loading your

Step 14:

Back Up PC/CFN

Make a backup of the current database (Utilities/PC Database/Backup) and store it in a safe place.

Important Note
The upgrade installation will make a backup of your current data under \Program Files\Gasboy\PC CFN\Temp\,
this is just a precautionary measure and the two files PcComm.gdb and PcComm.old under the Temp directory
can be removed once the data in the database has been verified. Make absolutely sure that the PcComm.gdb file
being removed is the one in the \Temp\ directory.

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