I cannot get an image through the projector, How do i switch to my desktop image on my board, How do i annotate over my visualiser images – Genee World GV-34100HD User Manual

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I cannot get an image through the projector

i. Is the power connected and switched on (see step 3)

ii. Have you taken the lens cap off?

iii. Is the VGA lead connection from the projector plugged into the visualiser’s ‘projector’ socket?


How do I switch to my desktop image on my board?

i. Check that your VGA lead is connecting your visualiser to your computer (see step 3).

ii. Press the CCD/PC1/PC2 button so that it turns green (see step 5)

iii. Press the same button (until it goes to blue) to return to the visualiser.


How do I annotate over my visualiser images?

i. Check that the supplied VideoCap and/or Genee Toolbar has been installed

ii. Check that the supplied USB lead is connecting the visualiser to your computer

iii. Open either the VideoCap or Genee Toolbar software to get a live video window (you may

have to select the USB 2861 camera if there is a choice).

iv. You can now use your IWB tools or the Genee Toolbar tools to annotate over


Will this work with any board?



Can I save these images?

VideoCap and Genee Toolbar will save both still images and video images. You can also use

generic programs such as Microsoft MovieMaker or insert images directly onto Word pages, for

example, by going to the ‘insert from camera or scanner’ command.

Please contact [email protected] if the problem persists.



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