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Guarantee conditions for Koga

Article 1 Guarantee

1.1 Koga provides a guarantee only to
the first owner of the bicycle in question; the
second or following owner can only call in the
party from whom the bicycle was purchased in
the event of damage.
1.2 Guarantee lapses in accordance with the
provisions of articles 3.1 and 5.1.
1.3 The guarantee cannot be transferred.

Article 2 Guarantee period

2.1 Every Koga bicycle has a limited life,
the so-called useable life cycle. The duration
of the useable life cycle of bicycles depends
on the type of frame, the way in which and
the circumstances under which the bicycle is
ridden and the care/maintenance the bicycle
receives. The duration of the useable life cycle
is not equal to the duration of the lifetime
guarantee period. The lifetime guarantee period
is established on the basis of the duration
of the useable life cycle of the bicycle. This
cycle depends to a great extent on various
factors; these factors are stated in article 2.5.
Koga sets this cycle at an average of 25 years.
Koga frames and non-suspension front forks
have a lifetime guarantee on the absence
of construction and/or material defects, this
guarantee applying to all aluminium, Scandium
and chrome-molybdenum frames and non-
suspension front forks. The warranty period for
carbon frames is 10 years. Spring frames have
a warranty period of 3 years. Frames and forks
that are or have been used in (professional or
semi-professional) races have been excluded
from the warranty. The above-mentioned
warranty periods apply to the current product
range. The warranty periods for our earlier
products ranges are to be found on our
website (www.koga.com) or through the dealer.

2.2 For front suspension forks, dampers and
all other parts, except for the parts mentioned
in paragraphs 1 and 4 of this article, there is a
guarantee on the absence of construction and/
or material defects for a period of 2 years.
2.3 For paintwork of frame and non-
suspension front forks there is a guarantee
period of 10 years for the absence of corrosion
and oxidization from the inside, if the bicycle
is well maintained. For other paintwork and
chrome parts there is a guarantee period
of 2 years for the absence of corrosion and
oxidization from the inside, if the bicycle is well
2.4 No guarantee is given for parts subject
to wear, such as tyres, chain, chain rings, back
gear rings, cables and brake blocks, unless
there is a question of construction and/or
material defects.
2.5 Among other things, the following
factors or a combination of these factors can
influence the useable life cycle of a bicycle: use
of the bicycle for competitions and intensive
training, use of the bicycle for purposes for
which it was not designed, excessive weight,
riding in all weather conditions or different
climates, geographical circumstances. Koga
recommends all Koga bicycles be checked
regularly by a recognized Koga dealer for
signs of potential problems such as corrosion,
break, deformation and improper use.
These preventative checks are important for
preventing accidents and injuries. In principle,
service checks are not free of charge.

Article 3 Guarantee exclusions

3.1 The guarantee lapses in the following
a. Improper and/or careless use of the bicycle
and use that does not correspond with its
intended use;
b. The bicycle has not been maintained in
accordance with the user manual;
c. Technical repairs have not been performed
in a competent manner;
d. Parts mounted at a later date do not
correspond with the technical specification of
the bicycle in question or have been mounted
e. The bicycle is used for hire or made available
to more than one unspecified person in other
3.2 Furthermore, Koga B.V. expressly
disclaims any responsibility for damage to
(parts of) the bicycle as a result of:
a. Incorrect adjustment/tensioning of the
handlebar, saddle, seat post, derailleur set,
brakes, quick release of the derailleur set,
brakes, quick release of the wheels and tyres;
and mounting/transporting it on bicycle carrier.
b. Not replacing parts in time such as brake or
derailleur cables, brake blocks, tyres, chain and
gear wheels;
c. Climatological influences such as normal
weathering of the lacquer of corrosion as a
consequence of (lacquer) damage.

Article 4 Guarantee parts

4.1 During the guarantee period, all parts for
which Koga B.V. has established that there is a
question of material and/or construction defect,
will be repaired or reimbursed at the discretion
of Koga B.V.
4.2 Any expenses of mounting or
disassembly are at the expense of the owner.

4.3 Contrary to the provisions of the
previous paragraph, for frames and front
forks the labour wages are at the expense
of the manufacturer during 3 years after the
date of purchase.
4.3.1 Costs of transport of the bicycle and/
or parts from and to Koga B.V. are at the
expense of the owner.
4.3.2 If a certain part qualifies for guarantee,
this part will be replaced by a new part or
equivalent part. Koga B.V. cannot, however,
guarantee that frame types or colours remain
4.4 Parts that no longer fit technically, or
are no longer available for the replacement
guarantee frame are delivered free of charge
in the first three years after the date of
purchase. After this period, the replacement
parts are charged to the customer.

Article 5 Submitting a claim

5.1 Claims under this guarantee must –
with presentation of the bicycle for inspection
– be submitted via the Koga dealer from
whom the bicycle was purchased. At the
same time, the proof of purchase and/or the
proof of ownership provided with the bicycle
must be handed over to the dealer.
5.2 If the owner has moved house or the
dealer is no longer available, Koga B.V. will,
if requested, provide information about the
nearest Koga dealer.

Article 6 Liability

6.1 A guarantee claim accepted by
Koga B.V. does not automatically mean that
Koga B.V. also assumes responsibility for any
damage suffered. The liability of Koga B.V. is
confined to what is set out in these guarantee
conditions. Any liability of Koga B.V. for
consequential damage is expressly excluded.
The provisions of this condition do not apply
if and insofar as they arise from mandatory
statutory provisions.