Marantz RMK1501NR User Manual

Rmk1501nr, Installation instructions, Figure a

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Installation Instructions

Rack Mount Kit for the NR1501 Slim Line AVR

RMK1501NR rack mount kit includes:

• Left side rack bracket

• Right side rack bracket
• Lower front finishing panel
• 4 front panel fastening screws

1. On the unit, remove the left and right side screws

(Figure A).

***Warning: Do not remove the cover of the unit***

2. Position the right side bracket on the right side of the unit so the holes on the

bracket line up with the corresponding holes on the unit.

3. Attach the bracket to the unit using the same screws that were removed

(Figure B).

4. Repeat step 2 and step 3 for the left side bracket

(Figure B).

5. Mount the lower finishing panel between the left and right side brackets

(Figure C).

6. Install fastening screws to secure lower finishing panel

(Figure C).

7. The component is now ready to be secured to the frame rails of the equipment

rack in accordance to the manufactures instructions.

Figure A

Figure B

Figure C

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