Marantz MT7001 User Manual

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Thank you for purchasing this Marantz product. This wall hanging bracket is for
use with the ES7001. Do not use the wall hanging bracket for any other purpose,
or with any other units. Please read this instruction manual thoroughly before
use, and make sure that the bracket is installed by a professional contractor.

[Before Installation]

• Before installing the bracket, make sure you read and fully understand the Safety Precautions


• Store this instruction manual in a safe place.

• Ensure you strictly observe all of the cautions written on the bracket and in the instruction manual.

• Follow all of the instructions when installing the bracket.

• This bracket can only be used with the products that it was packaged with, or with the products

specified in this instruction manual.

• Do not alter this bracket or accessories in any way.

• Do not use any of the parts if they are damaged. If you find that any of the parts are damaged,

contact the store where you purchased this product.

• Always make sure that bolts and screws are tightened securely.

• After installation, periodically check the safety of the bracket.

[About Installation]

• This unit is sold with the precondition that the installation work be done by a professional who

has sufficient skill and technical ability. Always entrust the erection and installation of this bracket
to a professional contractor that specializes in this field, or the store where you purchased this

• After installing the wall hanging plate on the wall, holes from the attachment screws and the

anchor bolts will be left in the wall after the wall hanging plate is removed.

• After prolonged use of the ES7001, the wall may become discolored due to the heat or flow of

air generated by the ES7001.

Marantz cannot accept any responsibility for accidents or damage that result
from defective installation or incorrect use, or accidental damage that results
from unauthorized alterations of the products or natural disasters.


Before using this product, check the contents of the box to make there is nothing missing.

• MT7001 Wall hanging plate x 1

• ES7001 attachment screws x 4

* Always use attachment screws that are suitable for the attachment location of the wall hanging plate.

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